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Established in 1958, Shanghai No.5 Valve Factory, under Shanghai General Valve & Vacuum Equipment Co. Ltd., is a specially destined manufactory for producing various anticorrosion valves by the State Ministry of Machinery Industry. It has gained the ISO9001 Quality System Certification in Jan, 1999.

Shanghai No.5 Valve Factory comprises metal processing workshops, power & equipment workshop, nuclear valve (new product) workshop, valve assembly workshop, imported technology product assembly workshop, product performance laboratory, chemical laboratory, physical performance laboratory and calibrating section (State Second Grade Calibrating Unit), etc. The whole factory has 450 employees including 43 technical staff and has 8,781 sq.m. shop areas and 15,127 sq.m. building area. The factory has acquired the reputation as the Bureau Advanced Enterprise, Excellent Enterprise, Shanghai Advanced Enterprise, The Site Management Excellent Enterprise among the valve factories over the whole country, etc.

Shanghai No.5 Valve Factory , the biggest anti-corrosion valve manufactory in China, has three affiliated factories, one as the first affiliated located in Jiading County of Shanghai with 3,000 tons iron castings a year, another as the second affiliated located in Shanghai Qingpu for rubber lining and rubber product producing and the third as Ningbo affiliated for producing electric actuator.

The main products of the factory include diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, globe valve, check valve and resilient seal gate valve, etc. With 1,000 kinds and sizes ranging from DN8 to 1200mm. With about 30 year experience for the leading products, diaphragm valve and butterfly valve , the factory has owned the sufficient experience in the design for the key parts as rubber diaphragms, the rubber formulas, frame formulas, which are unique and leading in China. The diaphragm valves are produced with the sizes form DN8 to 400mm, the body materials as the free cast iron, cat steel, and stainless steel etc., the lining materials as various rubber, F-plastics, and acid-proof glass, the connecting type as inner screw, flange, bayonet, and butt weld, the structure type as weir, angular and straight way as well as the pressure class as 0.6,1.0,1.6 and 2.5Mpa. The butterfly valves are produced with the sizes from DN50 to 1200mm, the body materials as gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel, etc., the sealing seat materials as various rubber, F-plastics and stainless steel, etc., the connecting type as wafer and flange as well as the pressure class as 1.0,1.6,2.5 and 4.0Mpa. The valves can be operated manually, pneumatically or electrically and are mainly used in power station or power plant, chemical works, pharmaceutical factory, metallurgical industry and shipbuilding industry, etc. The sale amount for diaphragm valves ranks first in the whole country with the market occupation over 50% and the sale value over 70% of total output value of the whole factory. With the good and reliable quality, the products have enjoyed the high reputation among the customers, the valve is the only one in China that has acquired the High Quality product title issued by the State Ministry of Machinery Industry Ministry.

In 1984, the factory has imported the diaphragm valve manufacturing technique from Britain Saunders Valve Company. And through transferred and experienced, in May of 1987, the product gained the performance certification issued by the Britain side and in 1992 the rubber producing technology was certified by the Britain side. Therefore the product was wholly nationalized and its performance can reach as high as the international advanced level of 80¡¯s. Recommended by the State Ministry of Machinery Industry as one of civil mechanical products replacing the imported ones, the valves have been widely used in large scale full power machinery group and gained the Shanghai Surpassing High Quality Products title.

In 1989, the factory provide 232 manually, universal-joint and electrically operated nuclear valves for Qinshan 300Mw Nuclear Power Station, the first one in China. Experiencing two years¡¯ operation to the full in the power station, the products have proved their quality reliability in design and manufacturing. Now the factory is designing and manufacturing nuclear diaphragm and butterfly valves for Pakistan P300 project.

According to the nation nuclear power development plan, the factory is now working hard prepare for the work of the million class nuclear power, supported by the ministry, city and bureau administration. The stainless precision castings research for nuclear valve was scheduled as key project of Shanghai Science & Technology Joining Manufacturing of 1990 and the castings were certified at city level in 1991 with finished products over 50%. The straight-way rubber diaphragm research was scheduled as kit project of Shanghai Science & Technology Joining Manufacturing of 1991 and was certified at city level in 1992 and also gained the Shanghai Developing third prize. Now the trial producing of pneumatic straight-way diaphragm valve for 600MW nuclear power, required by the Mechanical & Electrical Ministry is in the process at the stage of sample machine producing.

For the factory¡¯s development, the factory worked hard to carry out the technical reform during ¡°75¡± and ¡°85¡± periods. For example duting ¡°75¡± period, the factory invested £€3,560,000 to build 2700 sq.m. technical building equipped with various testing equipment on some scale; during ¡°85¡± period, the factory invested £€10,000,000 to build 5,000 sq.m. manufacturing workshop equipped with CNC machine tool, 1.6m high vertical lathe and CAD facilities, etc. The factory will continue to invest mote fund for more advanced technology equipment, testing equipment, CAD facilities to make the prearation gor developing new products and producing more nuclear valves.

The factory is pursuing ISO9000 International Standard in order to improve the product quality. The Inspecting Department has gained the Bureau Certification and the factory has passed the Bureau examination and regarded as the unit whose product quality ise exempted from the examination. In 1996 the factory will pass ISO9001 examination on the whole scale.

The factory has worked out ¡°Quality Assurance Scheme for Nuclear Valve Design and Manufacturing¡± and 67 procedure document according to the requirement stated in the quality assurance specification and associated guideline for the nuclear power plants, which is issued by State Nuclear Safety Bureau, and established the nuclear power quality assurance system in order to make all the steps for the nuclear valve design and manufacturing under control to ensure the final product quality. In March 1995, the factory gained the qualification license for nuclear pressure equipment design and manufacturing, issued by State Nuclear Safety Bureau.

Shanghai No.5 Valve Factory will continue to promote and adopt advanced technology, pay attention to the technology importing and warmly hope to cooperate with the foreign famous company as joint-venture or cooperating manufacturing., so to promote the technical reform, promote the product developing, testing and producing capability in order to keep the factory developing and progressing continuously and steadily.

Address: No.177 Minhe Road, Shanghai 200077